Important Dates to Remember
September Declare the method that will be used to collect delinquent 2018 taxes, Tax Sale or Tax Lien Auction or Sale (40-10-1-179) (40-10-180- 200)
October 2018 taxes are due and payable October 1.
December Last day to pay 2018 taxes is December 31st, before they are delinquent.
January 2018 taxes are delinquent and a $10.00 fee and interest of 1 % per month is added. Delinquent tax notices are prepared to be mailed by January 31st.
February Notification of Tax Lien Auction (30 days prior to Auction date) by mail, advertising/ or website by March 1st.
April Tax Lien Auction is April 2nd, 2019.
May Final Settlement May 30th