Real Property Information
New Property Owners
If you have purchased new property please take the following steps to ensure your property is properly assessed and you receive the appropriate exemptions:

Step 1: Record your deed in the Probate Office.

Step 2: Bring a copy of the recorded deed to the Property Tax Commissioner’s Office to claim any exemptions for which you may be entitled. File your assessment with the Property Tax Commissioner on or before December 31.

Step 3: Report all ownership and /or address changes promptly to the Property Tax Commissioner’s Office.
The Assessment Department is responsible for assessing property and helping property owners claim property tax exemption. It is very important that property owners follow proper procedures when buying property and making additions to or removal of improvements from property. It is the property owners’ responsibility to ensure that all information recorded in the tax assessment office is accurate and up-to-date.
Homestead Exemption
Homestead Exemption is allowed the owner-occupant and is claimed at the time of assessment.
Any owner-occupant who is 100% permanently & totally disabled is exempt from taxes on the principal residence. You must claim this exemption and proof of disability is required.
The Property Tax Commissioner is responsible for determining property value (based on guidelines set by the AL Department of Revenue) which must, by law, be set according to “fair and reasonable market value.” The Appraisal Department appraises real property and business personal property annually.
Appraisals are done a year in arrears, meaning appraisals are based on the property the way it was on October 1st of the previous year. (For example, 2016 property appraisals are based on the property as it was October 1, 2015)
Property Appraisal Notices are usually sent to property owners before May 1st. If you disagree with the valuation estimates an appeal can be filed with the Board of Equalization @
If a mortgage company is responsible for payment of your taxes, you should contact them to confirm their receipt of tax information from the Property Tax Commissioner.
Annual Courtesy Tax Notices
Annual Courtesy Tax Notices are mailed to arrive before or on October 1st of each year. These notices are not required by law.
The Collections Department is responsible for the collection of taxes on all property (real and personal) assessed in Shelby County.
Property Taxes are DUE on October 1st of each year and taxes are DELINQUENT after December 31st of each year.
After December 31st penalties and interest will begin to accrue towards the tax amount.
Property Owners paying delinquent taxes must contact the Collections Department to receive the correct amount that is due.
Tax Lien Auction or Sale
The Tax Lien Auction or Sale is held annually (usually the first week of April) for all unpaid property taxes. This information will be advertised in local newspapers or posted in the courthouse or on the website prior to auction date.
Millage Rates
Shelby County Millage Rates